Policy Summary

Summary of policy cover

Because outdoor retailers are unlike other retailers they require more specialist insurance to protect them and their customers. In partnership with PEN Insurance we have developed an exclusive policy for outdoor retailers to give you the peace of mind that you deserve when protecting your business.

As well as providing all the features you would expect from a general shop insurance policy see summary of policy cover - we also offer additional cover as standard which is relevant to outdoor leisure shops.

Key Features

In addition we offer special benefits to ActSmart members

We can also work with you to develop other bespoke cover options where necessary.

Summary of policy cover

Property Damage Section

All risks cover on your Property as follows:

  • Stock and other Contents of your shop
  • Plate Glass for which you are responsible
  • Buildings/tenants improvements (if required)
  • Goods in Transit Cover on goods carried in your own vehicles.
  • Stock displayed outside the front and side of your shop*
  • Customers property in the custody or control of the policyholder for service/repair
  • 50% Seasonal Increase in Stock sum insured for any 3 months of your choice

* Can be extended to include outside storage locations.

Business Interruption Section

All risks cover up to £350,000 following damage insured under the property damage section.

Money Section

All risks cover on money, subject to limits on cash, currency notes and other negotiables as follows:

  • At own premises during business hours - £5000
  • In transit to/from your bank - £2500
  • Out of safe at your premises outside business hours - £1000
  • Cover is subject to security warranties.

Assault Section

Personal accident benefits as a result of death or injury resulting from robbery.

Employers Liability Section

  • Limit of Liability - £10,000,000
  • Includes injury to working partners or proprietors
  • For Terrorism the limit of liability will be restricted to £5,000,000.

Public and Products Liability

  • Limit of indemnity £2,000,000 including service and repair. This can be increased on request to £5,000,000

Legal expenses

  • Up to £100,000
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